Come Rain or Shine or....Snow

When can I start on my yard???


Yay!  The answer is now.   Now is the perfect time to fertilize your lawns and let Mother Nature help with the labor of feeding the soil without burning or over-fertilizing.   Colorado’s springtime is notorious for dumping large amounts of snow and the moisture will aid in the process of soaking the nutrients down into the soil and soon to be root structure.

I recommend a granular fertilizer for a few reasons. Reason number one is ease of application and it is harder to over fertilize. You can see where you have spread the granules. You may want to use an inexpensive fertilizer spreader that can be purchased at your local hardware store.

Reason number two is because depending on the brand, it may be slow release, timed release, or controlled release.   Timelines for these fertilizers can be between 1 and 9 months.  Less expensive farm grade granular fertilizers may take only 2-4 weeks.  You may also want to work the granular fertilizer into the soil in flower beds.  The fertilizer depends on temperature and moisture to release their nutrients.

Reason number three (and my personal favorite) is that they save money.   Liquid fertilizers may simply be washed away and into our water sources.  So while the granular at first glance appear to be more expensive, in the long run they actually save money and the environment.

Excited to Plant?

Be careful not to jump the gun!


In the last blog we spoke about the notorious spring snows that we have in Colorado.In the last week we have had 2 large snow storms with precipitation totals in the inches. While the snow can help with our fertilization, it can kill our perennials.You may want to leave them in the containers until you are sure that the weather will be cooperative, moving them in and out of doors in the morning and eve.This way you can enjoy them without wasting your hard earned cash.

On another note, it also makes a difference where you purchase said perennials…While it is enticing to see all of the beautiful plants that are at your large home and garden centers early in the year; that may not be your best choice for healthy plants with longevity.The home and garden centers marketing departments realize that you have been cooped up all winter, in need of flora, the feel of dirt, and your hands are itching to plant something. Just like Christmas shopping is pushed earlier in the season each year so is the marketing of the garden center.Remember...If you plant too soon, they have a repeat customer.