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To Xeriscape or Not to Xeriscape

That is The Question! If you have checked out the recent U.S. Drought Monitor the title could be summed up at a glance. With several sources stating the California could be in the worst drought in 500 years it makes sense that xeriscaping is an answer to the question. We have had water restrictions in… Read more »

Don’t Forget the Trees!

Trees need love too… in the form of fertilizer. Fertilizer is not food; however, it is more like minerals that should be added when the soil conditions call for it. Fertilizer is not a cure all. Choosing plants carelessly or not watering enough cannot be remedied by fertilizers. Clemson University says “Keep these two points… Read more »

Come Rain or Shine or… Snow

When can I start on my yard? Yay! The answer is now. Now is the perfect time to fertilize your lawns and let Mother Nature help with the labor of feeding the soil without burning or over-fertilizing. Colorado’s springtime is notorious for dumping large amounts of snow and the moisture will aid in the process… Read more »

Excited to Plant?

Be careful not to jump the gun! In the last blog we spoke about the notorious spring snows that we have in Colorado. In the last week we have had 2 large snow storms with precipitation totals in the inches. While the snow can help with our fertilization, it can kill our perennials. You may… Read more »

So Many Leaves, So Many Plastic Bags

I feel a little guilty each time I place my leaves in bags. There are a few guilt free options. Add your leaves to the base of newly planted trees, shrubs, and perennials. This will help keep moisture through the winter, and the leaves will break down to give a nice layer of compost. Another… Read more »