Don’t Forget the Trees!

Trees need love too… in the form of fertilizer. Fertilizer is not food; however, it is more like minerals that should be added when the soil conditions call for it. Fertilizer is not a cure all. Choosing plants carelessly or not watering enough cannot be remedied by fertilizers.

Clemson University says “Keep these two points in mind: (1) Fertilizer is beneficial when it is needed; but (2) Use it in the right amount, at the right time, and in the right place.”

How do you know when you need them? First, you need them when they are young and developing a root structure. It will help to fill them out so that they create the desired effect that the landscape architect intended… i.e. me at McMahon Landscape. Secondly, when there are signs of stunted growth such as small leaves, light green or yellow leaves, or branches dying.

You should have an expert help to determine that the above things mentioned are not from other stressors such as insects or disease.

Lastly, the best time to fertilize your trees is in the spring before the leaves bud and in the fall after they become dormant.

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